Week #9

[fancy_header3]Back in the Saddle[/fancy_header3]

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Well, the Sheriff is back in the saddle and ready to resume his Ancient Prognosticator duties. The last couple of weeks a lot has happened on the gridiron with yours truly logging an 8-5 record that included a wee bit of interim wisdom handed down while we were squirrelled away in the hinterlands. That leaves the record for the season at 56-13.

[pullquote3 quotes=”true” align=”right”]time to start thinking about your nominations for our annual awards[/pullquote3]
While getting a little R&R last week we got a good look at some teams we had only glimpsed before. Auburn is MUCH improved from last year, Stanford has rebounded nicely, Missouri really surprised us, and FSU shocked us. We expected the Semi-holes to whip Clemson, but it was a drubbing. They looked like the FSU of 15 years ago, only faster. Tennessee’s program appears to be in good hands and (finally) on the mend. Ole Miss can mess up someone’s BCS plans. UCF did everyone a favor and exposed Louisville. I just wish someone would do the same for Ohio State.

When this past Saturday was over from my seat it looked like 3 teams have separated themselves. Those teams are Alabama, Florida State, and Oregon. Then there is a gaggle of 6-7 teams behind them that are pretty even, and it falls off a good bit after that.

The first BCS poll is out and the second-guessing has commenced. I will avoid that subject (at least for this week), and just focus on the games in front of us. This week-end will be fun. It is, also, time to start thinking about your nominations for our annual awards:

  • Coach of the Year
  • Bust of the Year
  • Overachiever of the Year
  • Worst Home Uniforms
  • Best Mascot
  • Most Difficult Team to Figure
  • Worst TV Play-By-Play Announcer
  • Best TV Play-By-Play Announcer
  • Coach Most Likely to be Fired at Season’s End

Now on to this week’s games:
[fancy_list style=”circle_arrow”]

  • KENTUCKY – 20


  • NC STATE- 10


  • ALABAMA – 39
  • TENNESSEE – 16


  • USC – 22
  • UTAH – 9


  • LSU – 49
  • FURMAN – 6


  • STANFORD – 32 (best game of the week)


  • SOUTH CAROLINA – 20 (the team with the least turnovers wins)
  • MISSOURI – 15


  • OHIO STATE – 31
  • PENN STATE – 17

There you have it folks. Read ‘em and weep.


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