Week #6

[fancy_header3]Conference Play Kicks into High Gear[/fancy_header3]

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Combining Alka-Seltzer with the Little Smart Pill Machine’s output resulted in a 6-2 performance last week, leaving your Humble Servant at 39-7 for the season. My Clemson math says that is an accuracy rate of 84.79%. I’ll take it.

[pullquote3 quotes=”true” align=”right”]It is the month we typically start separating the sheep from the goats[/pullquote3]
We did not get the upset we smelled in the air. Cannot explain it. Perhaps what we smelled was those dang Brussels sprouts the Missus had brewing back in the kitchen. All they really are is itty bitty cabbages, anyway, and they stink when you cook ‘em. While we missed getting the first whopper upset of the year, we did get treated to a doozy of a game with LSU and Georgia. Great game, and the Dawgs have now survived their September gauntlet with only one loss. Something tells me we could see the same two teams again in the SEC Championship. Right now, I would have my money on LSU coming out of the SEC’s Western Division over ‘Bama and A&M. While LSU/GA was a good game, the best part of the week was Kiffenboy getting canned on the tarmac in the dark of night. Woo hoo !!! Could not happen to a better guy. Whoever takes over will have their work cut out for them, though, as the Trojans are only carrying 56 genuine recruited players………………and they still have Oregon and Stanford left to play. Ouch.

We are now into October, and conference play kicks into high gear. It is the month we typically start separating the sheep from the goats. Every game is tough, because it is against a conference cousin, and as we all know……………..no one knows you better than family. It can be hard to get separation against even an also-ran. Harder still to predict what will transpire on a given Saturday when a bunch of hormonal 19 and 20 year old males dress out and knock heads. Given this challenge, we added some STP to the LSPM’s fuel tank, adjusted the float on the carburetor (again, some of you boys may have to ask your daddy what that is), and pushed the choke all the way in. Man, what a sound, she is humming like an F-15 with the after-burners firing. Everything is made ready, and here is what we see…

[fancy_list style=”circle_arrow”][one_half]

  • UCLA – 29
  • UTAH – 21


  • MARYLAND – 27


  • VA TECH – 17


  • MIAMI – 35


  • OKLAHOMA – 17 (trap game for the Sooners)
  • TCU – 13


  • STANFORD – 26
    (may be best game of the week, but with a 10:30pm start, I will not see it)


  • NC STATE – 36
  • WAKE FOREST – 31


  • LSU – 42


  • GEORGIA – 43
  • TENNESSEE – 28


And for all you Prairie View A&M fans who remember Chris Schenkel announcing your score every week on ABC back in the day:

    • PRAIRIE VIEW – 28 (Slippery Rock fans, do not despair, I will pick one of your games by season’s end)



There you have it folks. Read-em and weep.

[highlight2]*We still miss you, Leonard Postero.[/highlight2]

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