Week #5

[fancy_header3]Tough to Pick ‘Em This Week[/fancy_header3]

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The Old Sheriff lassoed a perfect 9-0 record on last week’s round-up and now stands at 33-5 on the season. Well, you know what they say about blind hogs and acorns.

[pullquote3 quotes=”true” align=”right”]Well, you know what they say about blind hogs and acorns.[/pullquote3]
We did not learn much on the week other than the fact that the Big 10, er 11, er 12 is the weakest conference this year, Notre Dame/Michigan State is no longer a marquee matchup, LSU’s offense is much improved, Florida State’s QB is dang good playing against 3rd graders, and Stanford is real. In summary, it was boring.

This week’s slate of games brightens things up considerably, and has some match-ups that are tough to pick. A game “between the hedges” is the headliner, but plenty of other juicy treats are on the tray for us to nibble as we repeatedly punch the remote trying to keep up with it all.

The AP strongly suspects that one of the games below will provide the season’s biggest upset to date, he just cannot pinpoint which it is. He can sniff it in the air, though, as he sits out back lighting the incense while the LSPM revs up to the rpm’s required for production, and, oh……………….the Missus just yelled to close the door to the shop, something about not being able to concentrate on base programming while some infernal contraption makes noise. She just does not comprehend the magnitude of importance the LSPM has in the pantheon of manhood as he contemplates the timeless mysteries of gridiron omnipotence. Still, we do go shut the door, being well trained and all.

Now back to the matters at hand, uh, let’s see, where were we, um, yes…………….bones on the floor now, turban pulled down tightly over the eyebrows, LSP’s start to spit out into a glass of Alka-Seltzer, causing it to fizz beyond description, whereupon we snag it off the bull’s-eye on the shelf, swig it down, and immediately begin to see strange goings-on, to whit……………………..

[fancy_list style=”circle_arrow”][one_half]

  • VA TECH – 27




  • OKLAHOMA – 27 (revenge is sweet)
  • NOTRE DAME – 16


  • GEORGIA – 36 (the Dawgs win with a field goal in the last minute. Best game of the day.)
  • LSU – 35


  • ALABAMA – 37 (upset watch # 1, watch closely)
  • OLE MISS – 28


  • OHIO STATE – 23 (upset watch # 2)
  • WISCONSIN – 16


  • STANFORD – 33 (closer than many folks think)


  • SOUTH CAROLINA – 19 (upset watch # 3)


There you have it folks. Read-em and weep. Get me outta’ here, Percy!!*

[highlight2]*We still miss you, Leonard Postero.[/highlight2]

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