Week #4

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Wee doggies! Your Humble Servant punched the ticket for an 8-1 ride last week and now stands at 24-5 on the season. Not bad for part-time work.

I only watched one game from start to finish, ‘Bama and A&M, but took a peek at a few others, then read box scores.

[pullquote3 quotes=”true” align=”right”]Your Humble Servant punched the ticket for an 8-1 ride last week and now stands at 24-5 on the season. Not bad for part-time work.[/pullquote3]
One thing is for sure, defense is a lost art. Geez, the Crimson Tide got lit up and still won, Tennessee got an overdose of Duck Dynasty and needs to re-examine their defensive heritage, Nebraska got punked (by the way, what were they thinking? One of my all-time heroes-of-college-uniform-stability came out in gosh-awful dang black jerseys, what did they expect after that? Don’t mess with tradition!), and, well, you get the picture. I am looking high and low for a defense that still plays slobberknocker schemes. A number of schools still have the speed at outside LB and the secondary to run with these up-tempo sets, but no one seems to be able to. One thing that hurts……………….out of shape down lineman. Substitutions are more difficult, and these guys need to be able to go for more than 3-4 plays before rotating out. More green vegetables and running gassers and suicides will do the trick.

On a lighter note, the Big 10, er 11, er 12 just provides comic relief. They struggle just to hang with the Slippery Rocks and Prairie Views of the world. Michigan nearly lost, and absent some questionable officiating (protecting the big boys?) probably should have. It looks like Ohio State has a cake walk to an undefeated season. I predict that by season’s end they might have a perfect record without a single victory against a team that is still ranked. They now lead all conferences in avoiding playing tackle football. Bunch of posers.

Now to this week’s slate of games. Puny it is. With the NCAA mandating that you have to have a conference matchup by game # 3, we are left with a week-end like this: only one match-up of ranked teams. Oh, well, there are still a few that will provide mild entertainment and, perhaps, some information that will provide useful in subsequent weeks. The AP has already been in the shop out back rearranging some of his football furniture (the short fridge had lost a leg and had to have 5 cardboard coasters from TGI-Friday’s placed under that corner), so he is ready to go. Smoke is everywhere as the apparatus of football magic chugs along. We swig down a few LSP’s and here is what we see……………………

[fancy_list style=”circle_arrow”][one_half]

  • CLEMSON – 41
  • NC STATE – 20


  • GA TECH – 30
  • UNC – 24


  • FLORIDA – 29
  • TENNESSEE – 13


  • MARYLAND – 41


  • LSU – 34 (their new offense looks pretty good)
  • AUBURN – 16


  • STANFORD – 20


  • NOTRE DAME – 41


  • VA TECH – 27
  • MARSHALL – 9


And for you whiney FSU folks who say I have not picked one of your games this year, well, you ain’t played anybody! but here you go (not exactly the first Upset Special of the Season):

[fancy_list style=”circle_arrow”]

  • FSU – 55


There you have it folks. Read-em and weep.

[highlight2]*We still miss you, Leonard Postero.[/highlight2]

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