Week #14

[fancy_header3]Time For the Annual Grudge Matches[/fancy_header3]

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The Ancient One posted a 9-1 record last week and now stands at 89-22 for the season.

The week-end did not provide much enlightenment other than Johnny Manziel is human, Baylor has trouble with physical teams who can run as fast as them, and East Carolina and Duke are the best teams in the state of North Carolina. Some of the scores looked like something from a video game given the mismatches, but a lot of the smaller programs were happy take their check and trudge home afterwards.

A few more observations: Did I mention that Michigan is now a confirmed also-ran? Funny stuff. Florida is in free fall. Tennessee has seen their progression hamstrung. Georgia just keeps taking hits. Nebraska has some sort of neurosis. Mack Brown is probably already packing. The best running back in the nation is up in Boston, but no one knows his name. Rich Rod may have found a home in Arizona. Stanford may have whatever Nebraska has. Alabama and FSU just keep chugging along.

This week-end we have the annual grudge matches. Some are good-natured, but some look and sound like real hate. No matter, they still provide great theater year after year. A couple this year have real conference and/or BCS implications and require special preparation by the players, coaches, fans, and, yes, the Ancient Prognosticator, himself. So, off we go to the shop out back. The Missus packs us a little lunch for added strength. A peek inside the little brown bag reveals she included some Extra-strength Advil, the iron pills mentioned last week, something that the package says is for “incontinence”?, and some Serutan (remember, it spells nature backwards, by the way, I hated Lawrence Welk, but had to endure the occasional viewing as I grew up, may explain a lot of my “issues”). We scarf down the PBJ’s and set the rest of the bag’s contents aside as we fire up the LSPM and load up on turkey bones instead of chicken bones (it is Thanksgiving after all), and soon smoke is everywhere. We pull out the crystal ball for the first time this season, clean it with lemon-scented Windex, and peer into the glass intently. Here is what we see………….


  • MARSHALL – 39 (tough game to pick, so I will cop-out and go with the home team)


  • TEXAS TECH – 44
  • TEXAS – 34


  • MINNESOTA – 13


  • CLEMSON – 17


  • IOWA – 19
  • NEBRASKA – 17


  • NORTH CAROLINA – 30 (the Tar Heels break out the chrome Big Foot helmets with their “Duke blue” home jerseys and win the day)
  • DUKE – 28


  • STANFORD – 33
  • NOTRE DAME – 16


  • MISSOURI – 51 (sorry, Gamecocks)
  • TEXAS A&M – 40


  • USC – 25
  • UCLA – 20

And the Big Enchilada:

  • ALABAMA – 39 (this Iron Bowl will not be as close as some think)
  • AUBURN – 21

Well, that is it for this week, folks.

Take time this Thanksgiving Week-end to spend time with family and loved ones. Hug them every chance you get, and never, ever forget how blessed we are with the country and freedoms the Lord has given us. Be thankful and grateful every day. It will change your view of life forever.

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