Week #13

Wee Doggies!!!

It must be nice to be an Auburn Tiger fan these days. The football gods are shining on you.

As a result (with a few other unforeseen factors cropping up) your Humble Servant posted yet another unimpressive 5-3 performance last week. My Clemson math calculates that leaves me at 80-21 for the year. I have developed a disturbing trend for the first time……………….in previous years the weekly prognostication performances have improved as the season progressed (makes sense), but this year the weekly performances are trending worse as the season wears on. Maybe I need iron pills or something.

The AP missed most of the week-end’s action as he was busy bushwhacking out of the Smokies, and he will miss most of this week’s action, too, as he will be on a mission of mercy to the west coast that involves manual labor and a high intake of Aleve. He will have to depend on feedback from the Unwashed Masses for any nuances that are not readily apparent from the box scores relative to the games to be played this Sat ‘day. He knows he can count on His Minions.

A lot of the Big Boys have tater tots teed up for this week-end, ostensibly so they can rest their mightiest warriors the week before Rivalry Week-End, wherein all manner of grudge matches will take place. Hence, we are left with less than a full slate of intriguing match-ups. The Ancient One has mined the vault of choices, however, and found sufficient material with which to work.

We trot out back clutching the Clint Eastwood poncho the Missus knitted, finding it makes a nice security blanket, and shut the door to the shop. Within short order the LSPM is humming, we have found a soft spot on the floor to sit, and find ourselves gazing into the great smoky unknown. We pop in some allergy eye drops, squint, and soon the future begins to congeal into something that can be interpreted by only the pure in heart and eaters of green vegetables, to whit………………..

  • NC STATE – 20


  • WOFFORD – 5 (Terriers pull it out with a two-run double in the top of the 9th, then their closer locks down the win)
  • FURMAN – 4




  • DUKE – 28 (the Dookies are an interesting story this year and will likely play in the ACC Championship, wherein they will get killed by FSU)
  • WAKE FOREST – 14


  • UCLA – 19


  • MISSOURI – 45
  • OLE MISS – 26


  • LSU – 34 (not sure if this would be an upset, but Mr. Manziel is about to find out what playing in Baton Rouge is like. Too bad it is not a night game)
  • TEXAS A&M – 30

And yet another Upset Special of the Week:

  • BAYLOR – 47

Well, that is it for this week, folks.

Ya’ll behave out there.


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