Week #12

The AP punched his ticket last week for a nondescript 5-3 showing, leaving the record for the season at 75-18. Our Upset Special got displaced and showed up early on Thursday night in Palo Alto. Oh well, such is life.

Stanford did all us old-timers proud, proving once again that football is, more than any of the other “major” sports, a war of wills. No doubt Oregon is faster and has better skill players, yet they were no match for superior strength, discipline, and execution. Heck, Stanford pretty much handed them their playbook, basically saying, “we are going to give the ball to THIS guy, and he is going to run to THAT hole. Good luck little ducklings”. Conversely, when Oregon had the ball, they simply COULD NOT budge Stanford’s front 7 or prevent their penetration. Bear Bryant and Vince Lombardi would be proud.

Other observations on the events of the week-end: FSU was the big beneficiary of the week-end’s chaos, and can now sleep walk to the BCS NCG. Alabama cleared one of their two remaining hurdles (Auburn awaits at the end of the regular season in the Iron Bowl, and anything can happen there). Miami let FSU beat them twice, and will now struggle to finish their season. Florida is a waste-land. Notre Dame and Michigan got pushed to the back of the bus, and, hopefully, we will not have to listen to their loud-mouthed tailgate alumnae the rest of the season. A certain Arkansas coach is finding out what life is like outside the Big (Little?) 10, and looks to be in shock.

Meanwhile, annual award nominations continue to role in via various channels, so we will leave the floor open one more week.

This week the fun continues with a nice slate of matches, so the Old Man trudges back to the shop and makes ready for football prognosticating excellence. He has trouble focusing this week as the annual trip to the summit of Mt. LeConte is upon him, and he has been marshaling his strength for the effort, leaving him weaker than usual in perception of the yet-to-be, so he dons some reading glasses from Walgreens to help (1.5X strength, black rims, $12). Here is what he sees………………

  • PITTSBURG – 25
  • CLEMSON – 29 (an ugly game of turnovers and busted plays)
  • DUKE – 24 (the Miracle in Durham continues)
  • MIAMI – 21
  • NEBRASKA – 9
  • AUBURN – 38 (best game of the week, the wounded Dawgs still have a little fight left in them)
  • GEORGIA – 34
  • FLORIDA – 15
  • STANFORD – 16 (the Trees almost succumb to the Hang-over Effect)
  • USC – 10

And the Upset Special of the Week:

  • HOUSTON – 40 (The Cougars have a chip on their shoulder and want some attention)

That’s it for this week, folks. As Peggy Hill would say………………..”Hoo Haaaaaaaa” !!!!


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