Week #11

[fancy_header3]Top of BCS Standing is Crowded …[/fancy_header3]

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The AP rang up a 6-2 mark last week and now stands at 70-15 for the season. That is an accuracy rate of 82.36% for you bean-counters out there. Not sure we can sustain such excellence to the end of the season, but we shall try.

There were no shocking upsets for the week, but we did learn a bit more. Michigan State’s defense is pretty good. Virginia Tech’s offense is not. USC is better with Kiffenboy gone. Miami is another one or two recruiting classes away from where they were 12-15 years ago. Gurley is the best running back in the nation. Georgia Southern and Appalachian State are paper tigers compared to years gone by and may wish they had not petitioned to move to the FBS division. Slippery Rock still rules!!!

It is pretty crowded at the top of the BCS standings, but as you will see later in this week’s epistle, the Ancient One envisions the ranks thinning as early as this week-end. From where I sit, Alabama, Florida State, and Oregon still stand apart from the rest of the field, but that does not mean they will not lose. As was often stated by a member of our little group who is no longer with us, “it is a funny shaped ball, and sometimes it bounces in strange ways”*. This week-end the strange bounces will begin.

Nominations for our annual awards continue to come in at a good pace. Even had a few folks suggest some new categories and/or request that an old one be brought out of retirement. The best new category suggestion is The Worst Mascot. The oldie would be to bring back “Doing the Least with the Most”. I retired the latter some years back, because Tommy Bowden started winning it every year. Never saw a coach who could repeatedly take top 10-15 recruiting classes and churn out 6-7 win seasons against average competition with such regularity. Maybe we will give it a try again with a new moniker, The Tommy Bowden Award. Well, anyway, we will keep the floor open for nominations another week or so. The categories are still listed below in last week’s email.

Now it is time to slip out back to the shop. The Missus is knitting a Clint Eastwood poncho from orangutan hair and claims I am interfering with her concentration, so the orders are to stay in the shop till dark. Being well-trained I will do just that. We close the door, pull the start-cord on the LSPM (put a few drops of 3-in-1 oil in the spring to make it an easier pull, the old shoulder hurts more often these days), and soon smoke is belching everywhere, and Little Smart Pills begin collecting in the bin in the corner. We scarf down a few, throw the dried turkey bones down on the floor, pull the turban down to the eyebrows, light a new apple and Slim Jim scented incense candle, and gaze into the smoke.

[fancy_header3]Here is what we see…[/fancy_header3]

[fancy_list style=”circle_arrow”]

  • GEORGIA – 44
  • APP STATE – 7


  • MICHIGAN – 27
  • NEBRASKA – 20


  • AUBURN – 33
    (the Vols are improving, but not enough to claim anymore upsets this year)
  • TENNESSEE – 23


  • TEXAS – 38


  • TULSA – 30


  • BAYLOR – 37
    (it is tempting to pick the Sooners in an upset, but no. They will ground the Bear’s high-flying offense, though)
  • OKLAHOMA – 33


  • OREGON – 25
    (one of the best games of the season, but the Trees are unable to repeat last year’s upset even though they are home)
  • STANFORD – 20

[fancy_header3]And finally the Upset Special of the Week:[/fancy_header3]

  • LSU – 32
    (the Mad Hatter goes for two and makes it following all four TD’s and that is the difference)
  • ALABAMA – 30

There you have it folks, read ‘em and weep. Get me outta’ here, Percy!!!


*Jim Roach, we still miss you.

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