2020 College Football Predictions – Week 6

2020 College Football Season

Your Humble Servant staggered out of a weekend of upsets with another 5-3 performance, bringing the ytd record to 28-9.

We managed to catch parts of 8 different games on Saturday and were left with the singular impression that defense is in danger of becoming a lost art, drowned under the tsunami of offensive skill players being produced by today’s summer and 7-on-7 camps; events which are available to an expanding number of kids in middle and high school. This has caught me by surprise as it is often the defenses that look the best early in a season when offenses have yet to congeal, even more so one would expect given the haphazard practice and game schedules the schools have suffered through this year. When you see a Nick Saban-coached Alabama team have to score on its final eight possessions to eke out a win over an average Ole Miss team, then you know something is amiss.

At this point in the season the two most complete teams we have seen are Georgia and Clemson, but with only half of the FBS schools even playing and no cross-sectional games to speak of, it is just hard to decipher who really has the juice to be the best. Even when the rest of the schools get active, their seasons will be so short I just don’t see how a CFP panel can accurately separate the sheep from the goats. I do not envy them, they are in a no-win situation and will catch considerably more grief than in previous years (and that is saying something).

These stormy times have blown the science of prognostication into uncharted waters, leaving the old AP adrift in a sea of confusion. Still, even though it is thankless work, we “shall endeavor to persevere”(*), knowing the unwashed masses still yearn for gridiron clarity. So, off to the shop out back we go. We trash what remains of last week’s rabbit tobacco stash (all it did was clog up our sinuses), fire up the equipment, and, for the first time this season, pull out the Levitation Rug. We ease our old arthritic joints down upon the rug, and stare into the unknown. Hovering. Waiting. Here is what we see……………

  • NOTRE DAME – 34
  • TULSA – 16
  • S CAROLINA – 16 (this week’s ‘sort of’ upset)
  • AUBURN – 14
  • N CAROLINA – 42
  • ALABAMA – 37 (the home team takes the game of the week)
  • GEORGIA – 33
  • TROY – 27
  • E KENTUCKY – 17
  • UAB – 41
  • TENNESSEE – 19
  • KENTUCKY – 10

There you have it, folks.

Read ‘em and weep! —phil

*from The Outlaw Josie Wales, one of my favorites

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