2020 College Football Predictions – Week 5

2020 College Football Season

After a so-so 5-3 week the YTD tally stands at 23-6 as the season plows into October.
It was a noisy week across the continent, so the old AP just kept his head down and simply enjoyed another weekend of football, fully aware that the games and season could evaporate at any moment. A lot of the play we saw was still very sloppy (a trend that will likely continue in this herky jerky year), but we did see some clean offensive execution by those Crimson Pachyderms and some dominant D by the Gawga hounds. The Big 12ish evaporated in plain sight, and the last we saw tickets for the upcoming Red River Rivalry were going wanting for takers, never mind there were precious few printed.

It will still be a while before the PAC-12, Big 10ish, MAC, etc get on the field, so for the time-being the critical mass of games to be parsed remains centered east of the Mississippi. Knowing this, the AP pulls out a couple of his East Coast implements for this week’s soothsaying exercise. Some rabbit tobacco is dropped into the incense saucer and torched, then a couple of dried hambones are thrown on the floor intermingled with our tried-and-true chicken bones. Finally we brew up some New England Tea and fire up the LSPM and get everything humming.

As we contemplate how it can be that every  month of the year 2020 seems to be 110 days long, a few games come into focus………………

  • FLORIDA – 32 (College Station called and they want their $75mm back)
  • TEXAS A&M – 15

  • VA TECH – 28 (the Hokies prove to be too physical for Mack’s gang, and pull off what some consider an upset)
  • N CAROLINA – 21

  • GEORGIA – 44
  • TENNESSEE – 24

  • BYU – 26
  • UTSA – 10

  • PITT – 19 (the yawner of the week)

  • ALABAMA – 51 (Kiffin-boy gets taken to the wood shed)

  • UTEP – 28

  • NOTRE DAME – 30

See you folks next week.

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