2020 College Football Predictions – Week 13

2020 College Football Season

Thanksgiving Weekend yielded a 6-2 mark with two no-decisions, leaving your Humble AP at 67-22 on the year.

There was not a lot of compelling football to be viewed, but a couple of upsets did take place with Northwestern and Oregon biting the dust. The later was more unexpected, but then, they do call that game “The Civil War” and beavers, it seems, can bite when riled. Oregon’s uniforms were hideous, of course. Alabama proved that no Saban sideline magic was needed to dust Auburn. Notre Dame took the Tar Heels’ best punch and then proceeded to suffocate their game plan. The most entertaining and/or embarrassing moment of the weekend belonged to Syracuse in the final minute of their game with NC State. A written description does not do it justice (check in out on YouTube), I will just say their QB must be a graduate of the Les Miles School of Clock Management. Poor kid.

Whelp, enough of  that, it’s time to get ready for this week’s slate of games. On our way to the Shop Out Back we pick our way through the boxes of Christmas decorations we pulled down from the attic for the Missus, grabbing a left-over Santa hat to hang on the LSPM. We plop it on the engine housing and light some colored incense sticks. It makes the place look downright festive. Yep. Then we fire the sweet machine up and settle in for this week’s session of clairvoyance. As we float serenely in space here is what we see……………………

  • APP STATE – 34
  • LOUISIANA – 31
  • COASTAL CAROLINA  – 42            (GameDay  in Conway. Unreal)
  • LIBERTY – 30
  • FLORIDA – 28
  • TENNESSEE – 10
  • OHIO STATE – 47
  • TULANE – 19
  • MEMPHIS– 16
  • WISCONSIN – 24
  • INDIANA – 20
  • NC STATE – 38
  • GA TECH – 28
  • ALABAMA – 59                (an epic revenge beat-down)
  • LSU – 20

And there you have it, folks. Read ‘em and weep!

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