202 College Football Predictions – Week 15

2020 College Football Season

A 7-0 week with one no-decision leaves us at 79-24 with one week remaining in the regular season (if you can call 2020 a “regular” season).

It was an interesting weekend with a couple of big surprises: the Tar Heels’ literally pounding the Candy Canes and LSU gut-punching the Gators’ CFP hopes in a game that will forever be dubbed “the agony of de-feet”. You know, adolescent males sometimes just do the dumbest things. Also, the firings began, so the annual spin of the coaching carousel is already underway.

This week we get the conference championships and a smattering of regular season games that make up for various postponements and schedule shuffles during this haphazard year. Things wrap up on Sunday with the CFP placements and bowl assignments. It will be interesting to see where everyone lands once the dust settles and do not  be surprised if a significant number of schools decline bowl bids. Four bowl-eligible programs have already opted out, plus I suspect more bowls will be canceled. 

Now off to the shop and this week’s duties…………………………

  • USC – 23
  • OREGON – 13
  • OHIO STATE – 39
  • OKLAHOMA – 28
  • TULSA – 31
  • ALABAMA – 48
  • FLORIDA – 20
  • CLEMSON – 31
  • NOTRE DAME – 27
  • IOWA – 5
  • MICHIGAN – 3
  • BOISE STATE – 37

See you next week for the 2020 bowl predictions as we wrap up the season.

Till then, read ‘em and weep!

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