2019 College Football Season

2019 College Football – Week 15

Last week’s 9-1 performance leaves us with a 90-34 tally as we close regular season play and move into the post-season.

It was a fun weekend of football with one of the more entertaining games taking place on the plains of Alabama as the Tigers/Plainsmen/War Eagles took down the Pachyderms. The play was actually pretty sloppy all around, but it was a back-and-forth affair and made for fun viewing.  We even got a Little Nicky Hissy Fit at half-time for no extra charge. Elsewhere, the Utes stamped their arrival on the CFP scene with a nationally televised win in Prime Time. They looked pretty stout, but me-thinks that defense may be susceptible to big plays. When the dust finally settled late Saturday night most teams were done for the year, a few awaited bowl bids and fewer still moved on to conference championships or playoffs. Then, by Sunday night the coaching carousel was in full swing. It will be interesting to see who lands in places like Florida State, Boston College, Ole Miss, etc.

Before we head to the shop out back, a reminder: the floor for Annual AP Award nominations will remain open through Friday, 12-13-2019. The categories are as follows:

  • Coach of the Year
  • Overachiever of the Year (team)
  • Bust of the Year (team)
  • Worst Uniforms (home or away)
  • Most Annoying TV Talking Head

Now, off we go to the shop, closing the door, and firing up the LSPM. While pulling out the Carnac Turban we spot a deck of cards a talkative street merchant in downtown Asheville (NC) recently sold us.

He claimed they had “special powers” and swore I was getting a good price. They had the word Tarot on the wrapper. Hmmmmmmm, I’ll give them a try today. We fire up some incense for good measure, then pull on the turban and throw the cards in the air. After some ciphering difficulties with what we see on the floor, we stare into the crystal ball, and here is what comes into focus…………………………..

  • NICHOLLS – 17

  • WEBER STATE – 33          (a long road trip and a quality opponent prove to be too much for the Atlanta Suburbanites)

  • OREGON – 30                     (the Ducks break some long plays on the Utes’ defense)
  • UTAH – 27

  • OKLAHOMA – 45              (this will not be as dramatic as their first meeting)
  • BAYLOR – 31

  • APP STATE – 22                 (good game)
  • LOUISIANA – 19

  • LSU – 38                               (the Dawgs’ offense just cannot keep up with LSU’s)
  • GEORGIA – 27

  • CLEMSON – 44
  • VIRGINIA – 13

  • OHIO STATE – 52
  • WISCONSIN – 21

This will be the last post until the bowls are set, so until then, enjoy the games.

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