2019 College Football Season

2019 College Football Predictions – Week # 14

A 7-3 performance leaves us at 81-33 as we move into the holiday season and the traditional Rivalry Weekend.

Last weekend held some surprises (Oregon), included one of the best games of the season (Harvard – Yale), and had some teams that barely held serve (Gawga and Ohio State), but once the games were over, we saw little actual movement in the hierarchy pecking order, neither at the FBS or FCS level. This week could change that. As you contemplate what might transpire, it is also, that time of year…………………yep, time to contemplate your nominations for the Annual AP Awards. As always, you may submit nominations via “reply to all” or “reply to just the AP” or via the “private bat phone”.

This year’s categories:

·         Coach of the Year

·         Overachiever of the Year (team)

·         Bust of the Year (team)

·         Worst Uniforms (home or away)

·         Most Annoying TV Talking Head

Now off to the shop where everything is soon spinning in motion, and where, after some effort, we manage to discern the following…

  • APP STATE – 27
  • TROY – 13

  • VA TECH – 23  (the resurrection of the Hokie’s season continues at the expense of the Wahoos)
  • VIRGINIA – 16

  • N CAROLINA – 30
  • NC STATE – 20

  • MEMPHIS – 44 (fun game with huge bowl implications)

  • OREGON – 45

  • OKLAHOMA – 52  (the Sooners tack on a late score, hoping for style points in a push to make the CFP)

  • OHIO STATE – 24 (MUCH closer than the pundits expect)
  • MICHIGAN – 20

  • GEORGIA – 28 (the mystery of where the Bulldogs’ offense went this season continues)
  • GA TECH – 10

  • FLORIDA – 24

And, finally, the 2nd Upset Special of the 2019 season:

  • AUBURN – 26
  • ALABAMA – 20

And there you have it, folks. It is now the Thanksgiving season, when most of us take a timeout to focus on our blessings. We live in the most prosperous nation in history. A nation that, even with its multitude of faults and history of transgressions, still managed to foster a culture that produced the most benevolent society the world has ever known. May we all take time to set aside our differences and think on those truths in order to keep them real. Take time to be kind (a smile costs nothing). Take time to remember those who are alone. Take time to remember and reach out to those who are struggling. Take time to let those who matter to youKNOW that they matter to you. 

Our prayer is that you, your family, your community, and your circle of friends are all well, and that each one has a fresh dose of hope brought to bear in their lives.

Enjoy the games…………………..phil

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